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About Us



“New Poker may not be the biggest platform, but we are definitely the most respected.”
New Poker’s founders

More than a decade ago, a devoted group of teenagers set up their own poker club. It started small and gradually attracted many players that shared the same passion; Poker. The club grew, and the passion and respect for the game shared by the members became the ground bases and values for the club. They opened more clubs, that became a union and then turned into a community of poker lovers.

New technologies enabled a world of possibilities to explore the game to its limits. Consequently, it also opened a door for people to take advantage, harming the experience and dynamics of poker, profiting from dishonesty, and ruining everything the games are about. So, the same passionate teenagers, now industry experts, wanted to provide a new environment that could follow the same values that were inside our first clubs. And nevertheless, New Poker was born.

You may ask: Why is it only available for iOS? Well, obviously, it was a difficult decision. In order to provide players with the highest level of safety and fair gaming experience based on our analysis, New Poker insists on only providing for iOS systems, sacrificing a part of the market share in the early stage. We continue to carry out technical upgrades and iterations to provide a larger range of gaming experiences.


With 12 years of experience in the poker industry, New Poker sticks to the principle of “safety, brotherhood, and fun”.

We are so excited to introduce ADSP (All-Process Defence System for Poker), our own security system. Engineered to provide the safest environment for poker games, we worked hard in our system to ensure real players, safe experiences, and to truly solve the likelihoods of cheating in poker.

New Poker has always taken its values as guidelines for ideas and actions, integrating those into our products, services, operations, and corporate responsibility behaviors. We are constantly creating value for players and for the industry, also, creating a new ecosystem of a real, authentic, fair, and fun poker for a new generation of players.


Using the latest technologies in the market to provide a fun and safe environment to poker players, we offer a way to connect people through technology and excitement in the world of poker. With a leading security system and working with the best classic games, we will raise the industry standards for security and fun.


Bold, Innovative, Honest, and Ambitious.

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Brainpower, Longevity, and Realism

– Brainpower: We focus on gameplay, strategy, and intellectual gaming using skills and admire both intellect and creativity;

– Longevity: We pursue long-term development and stick to the brand’s core philosophy of not letting go, building a long-term, sustainable, and secure poker community;

– Realism: From the game perspective, New Poker builds poker games with realistic interaction as the focus, emphasizing real players, and seeking the fundamentals of no cheating. From the player’s perspective, we remind players not to get addicted to the world of gambling; encouraging more encounters and communication between friends.


New Poker – Safest Poker Platform for Club

SLOGAN: Technology Inspires Real Fun



For the first time, a poker platform is putting the clients security as the focus of the business, recalling the excitement and fun entailed in the game. New Poker’s system is built with our ADSP (All-Process Defence System for Poker) technology, presenting the safest environment to enjoy the best of classic poker games. ADSP enables the best Face ID technology in the market to authenticate your identity before joining a game. Face ID matches against depth information, which isn’t found in print or 2D digital photographs. It’s designed to protect against spoofing by mask or other techniques through the use of sophisticated anti-spoofing neural networks.


As a principle, New Poker sees the game as a way to interact and create connections. Our system offers our players a social environment to interact with each other. Our interface and features are designed to enhance the interactions between players. Friendly, safe, and modern. In our app, you will find a new way to make friends and create connections.


New Poker focuses mainly on Texas Hold’em, Omaha, NHL, and Open Face Chinese; emphasizes the concept of delighting ourselves, and strives to create social interaction and entertainment.

First of all, on the basis of ensuring safety and fair play, emphasizing poker gameplay, and focusing to improve players’ poker abilities; we provide free access to hand records within the APP, whether it is a home game, a club game, or a worldwide poker table. However, the APP does not provide any export function. We also built New Poker’s School to provide players with different levels of poker knowledge and strategy; Secondly, enjoy an abundance of fun face filters and special effects on the video poker tables. We provide a variety of tablescape, poker face, and interactive effects; strengthening to create an interactive special effects system, launching new special effects, and creating all kinds of expression packs from time to time.

Last but not least, we will open a live game channel and invite our players and partners to create and join clubs to play games online together. So, what are you waiting for?


New Poker is the safest poker platform for clubs, developed by a group of poker enthusiasts, and is the first poker app to use face recognition technology (with bank level technology) to create the most secure game with our anti-cheating system called ADSP (All-Process Defence System for Poker).

New Poker persists in three major standards: security, socialization, and entertainment, to create an authentic, fair, and fun poker community for a new generation of poker players.

New Poker features video poker tables and funny face filters, offering the best of classic poker games like: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Open Face Chinese, NLT, PLO4-6, Short Deck 6+, etc. Players can also start home games, club games, and worldwide tournaments anytime, anywhere; enjoying the excitement of poker with poker pals all over the world. Players can create a video, voice, or regular tables with over 20 customization features including game types, blind levels, anti-cheating systems, and a lot more! Players can also use a variety of fun face filters, emoticons, and interactive items in the tables. For example, you can use a variety of face filters and virtual images based on your own face during video tables, or use a variety of emoticons and special effects to interact with friends; allowing them to enjoy the fun of poker and social interaction without any barriers.

At New Poker everyone can create their own club, custom tables, and tournaments, and even create a private Texas Hold’em club, for example. With an easy-to-use and potent dashboard for clubs, we offer 5 major dashboards with access to over 50 types of data and features. Making a poker club is easier at New Poker!

Now players can download NEWPOKER through APPLE APP Store or through the official website, https://new.poker. New Poker is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Traditional Chinese, and offers multiple payment methods and currencies for different countries.


ADSP is a poker all-process defense system with face recognition technology (with bank-level technology) as its core, using 7 major kinds of tactics and multiple private technologies. From systemic defense, biometric recognition, RNG card dealing, location restrictions, player operation, big data non-stop inspection, active reporting, and other tactics to exclude cheating and unfairness as much as possible, redefining online poker and creating a truly real, fair, and safe online poker environment.

The all-process defense: 1. Systemic defense: currently only available to download in IOS system, based on systematic shell protection, strong examination mechanism, and protection of privacy rights to minimize systemic risks.

2. Before entering a poker table, players need to perform face recognition in order to enter the table, while the system goes through the elimination of simulators and cheaters to ensure 100% real players.

3. When creating a table, you can choose anti-cheating methods, like IP and GPS restrictions, limit the add chips amount, set mandatory video duration, etc., to enhance the accuracy of the verification.

4. At the start of any hand, New Poker’s RNG (Random Number Generator) deals with the cards. This RNG system has been certificated by a third-party laboratory (GLI) that has strict industry standards to ensure fair and secure gaming.

5. Multiple methods to detect suspicious players in the game, involving players proactively reporting suspicious players and requesting players to undergo biometric identification again, etc.

6. Uninterrupted inspection of the all-process big data: combined with comprehensive big data analysis including poker operations and uninterrupted inspection of the system to detect wrongdoings.